Airline Training Air Crew Solution

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Airline Training Air Crew Solution 

 ATACS management has experience working with internationally recognized civil aviation authorities, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Wide-ranging knowledge of aviation regulations worldwide, especially in emerging countries. Strong relationships maintained with their civil aviation regulatory authorities and governmental agencies. Extensive experience with civil aviation regulatory authorities and governmental agencies, enabling ATACS to efficiently obtain visas and foreign license validations. Extensive real-world experience and vital working knowledge personally in the following regions: 

Africa, India, Indonesia, China, South-East Asia, Middle East, North Central South America and the Caribbean.

Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity

ATACS personnel, pilots, and engineers are aware and mindful of varied cultural and religious distinctions around the world. 

Utmost respect and discretion are paramount to our success.

Visas and Validations

Extensive experience with civil aviation regulatory authorities and governmental agencies to efficiently obtain visas and foreign license. 

ATACS Knowledge and Experience of aviation allows us to provide our clients with a wide range of services tailored to meet their needs.

Pilots Support Services

 Short-term, Long-term, and Full-time 

  • Inspection flights
  • Private operations
  • Commercial operations
  • Pilot training
  • Pilot proficiency
  • Test flights
  • Acceptance flights
  • Charter flights
  • Airline support
  • Ferry/Delivery flights

 Training Department 

  • Ground Instructors
  • Simulator Instructors
  • CFI Certified Flight Instructor 
  • TRI Type Rating Instructor
  • TRE Type Rating Examiner
  • IOE Check Airman

Aircraft Operational and Startup Support

  • Our Flight Operations team  needs.ensures all regulatory and operational requirements are met;
  • Our Crew Support team secures the best crew for each mission and obtains all necessary visas and/or validations;
  • Our Logistics team monitors and secures all flight permits in addition to planning and tracking all aircraft movements;
  • Our Legal team organizes the transfer of title as required.

Ferry & Delivery Services

Regulatory Compliance

  • Certificate of Airworthiness
  • Certificate of Registration  
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Title Holder / Title Transfer

Operational Support

  • Flight planning
  • Over flight/landing permits
  • Transportation Security Administration
  • Customs
  • Advance Passenger Information 
  • Aircraft Handling
  • Flight following

Crew Support

  • Civil Aviation Authority regulations and authorization
  • Operating and reference manuals (GOM, SOP, POM, IOM, etc.)
  • Jeppesen and FMS/GPS 
  • Pilot scheduling and management
  • Crew Visas and Validations
  • Airfare, Transportation, Accommodations, Communication 
  • Authorization for RVSM
  • FCC Radio License

Captain Proficiency Training 

Proven process for flight departments obtain with complete autonomy using Qualified & Experienced Aviation Professionals. 

  • Complete Training of Captains and First Officers with a transition towards a Professional Flight Operation. 

Airline Training Air Crew Solution 

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Management Team

Captain Blake Turman - Executive Director of Operations 

Rachel Marvilli - Business Development Manager

Peter Broom - Director Flight Operation 

Jensen Kangalee -Telecommunication

Captain Adrian Williams - Jetstream 

Captain Nader Saboori  - LearJet  

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Airline Training Air Crew Solution 

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